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Religio Romana

Religion: A Roman Revival
Religion in the Marian Hegemony has always been as diverse as
in any other Periphery state, with many faiths represented among its
people. The religious tradition unique to the Hegemony, however, is
a revival of ancient Terra’s Roman paganism. Established along with
the realm’s many other Roman-style trappings by Johann Sebastian
O’Reilly, the Religio Romana has kept steady numbers of adherents
down the years. Now, with the cultural renewal of interest in republican
Rome, this faith is swiftly expanding. New temples have gone up on
several Hegemony worlds, while others can now aff ord refurbishment
through increased contributions by greater numbers of worshippers.
The Flamen Martialis, chief chaplain of Religio Romana adherents in
the Marian Hegemony Armed Forces, is reportedly seeking assistant
chaplains to help minister to the increasing numbers of Romana recruits/
The festival of Saturnalia, always popular among slave adherents
for its reversal of social roles, has become a signifi cantly larger public
spectacle since late 3063—the fi rst year of its celebration since the
present Caesar’s accession. On Alphard, Saturnalia 3066 included
a vast public dinner in downtown Nova Roma, at which slaves were
served delicacies by their patrician masters. Liquor fl owed freely, dice
and card games abounded, and the whole raucous, joyful street party
was presided over by a trusted slave from the Caesar’s own household,
designated as the evening’s Saturnalia princeps (Lord of Misrule). Many
Hegemony worlds also host Saturnalia markets during this week-long
holiday season, at which small gifts are bought for exchanging wit

Все-таки я был прав насчет язычества. =-.-= И даже с Сатурналиями угадал – надо же!

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Про Китронга и компанию

Выложил пять главок.


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Historicals: Brush Wars

На русском! (за что отдельный респект переводчикам) :cool:

Описаны т. н. "локальные войны" 31 столетия: Мятеж Антона Марика, андурианские и ронинские войны. Для полного плезира не хватает разве что Операции "Гуэрреро"... :hmm: Возможно, это упущение будет исправлено в будущем?

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Добрый дядюшка орк